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If you have, for some time, been considering cereating a high-quality SEO microsites - a private blog network that will facilitate the acquisition of some valuable traffic for your website or support your Client's websites positioning - this product. 

Who are the high-quality microsites for?

If you care about high-quality links that you can have full control over, the microsites will contain only your links. You can modify, delete the links or add different ones at any time. The microsites will make your Internet service more valuable by diverting the organic traffic directly to the service and facilitating the positioning of key phrases.

Our customers are:

  • SEO agencies - the ones that have been continously developing their microsite base,
  • freelancers - those who have just began positioning their clients or those who undertake some SEO activities for the better positioning their Clients' websites,
  • companies that support the promotion of their businnes websites, product pages, new services or the ones that want to measure interest in new products or services,

How does the realization look like?

The process starts with an installation of WordPress software. Afterwards, the microsites are configurated, the content is added and a specific schedule is implemented in such a way that all the posts on the microsites can be marked by different dates. As soon as the process of microsites configuration, installation of all the required plugins and image configuration is completed, you will get access to your microsites. 

You will get acces to your Wordpress control panel and all the data for the FTP server for any wordpress.

What does the service include?

  • Creating 50 microsites on selected domains (the domains can be selected by the Commisioning party),
  • Configuration and image adjustement done by our graphic designer; installation of all the rquired plugins, 
  • Theme and images from fotolia service that request a fee,
  • Purchasing Internet domains,
  • Leasing of a dedicated server (each page has a different IP adress and different geolocation, thanks to which our microsites are much more valuable),
  • Publishing 4 articles marked by different dates at intervals of 5 days and containing 3000 signs each (on each domain),
  • Final report that contains FTP server data and logging data for each website.

The domains

The domains are paid for the first 12 months. After the first year the extension follows the rules of market rates (approx. 20-30 GPB per year). The domains can be continued with the help of our service or transferred to a different contractor, if you find a better offer. Al in all, as far as our company is concerned, the domains are paid for the whole year.

The server

The server is available for six months within the framework of our microsites package. After this period we are obliged to charge 2 GBP for one site each month, which gives 12 GBP for 6 months for one blog.

We charge 600 GPB (12 GPB x 50 microsites) for hosting of 5 microsites with different IP adresses through 6 months. 

Which data is funtamental to the process of the realization?

  • subject area of the microsites,
  • landing page adress (the positioned page),
  • phrases to be promoted (we suggest adding one key phrase for one article on each domain),

How many phrases can be supported?

  • initially, we can promote 200 key phrases (we will add the exact number of unique and high-quality articles on our microsites),
  • as soon as we receive the acces data, we can develop our wordpresses and add next valuable articles that promote next key phrases (any amount),
  • next articles will be supporting next phrases, thanks to which the amount of the articles and phrases will be increasing continously,
  • next articles will be supporting next phrases, thanks to which the amount of the articles and phrases will be increasing continously.

What can I earn by having my own microsites?

  • the increase of visitors and overall organic traffic,
  • the increase of my website quality,
  • a place to publish Internet content,
  • a place to publish chargeable sponsored articles
  • an opportunity to join Google Adense program or other promotional programes that can provide funds for the investment to a greater extent,
  • specific subject microsites are a value that can be sold to another company that deals with SEO or a similar business,
  • an additional control over links to our own website,

What are some exemplary websites that you've made already?

What if i am not interested in the extension any more?

  • You can give up keeping the microsites at any moment without being charged,
  • we can buy the microsites out, providing there is a demand at a specific moment,

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